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The basis of the christian faith is to show love.

Comment 13th July 2010

In this world that we live in there seem to be so many rules and regulations regarding christianity especially when it comes to the workplace. Jesus Christ was a man of compassion and love, as christians this is what we should reflect. It saddens me that as a christian when I am in certain situations  in the work place where people who are sick lonely or just generally sad or depressed when asked for prayer that I cannot just take their hand and pray with them. For some reason I have to look over my shoulder to check I am not being watched. Why is this happening?  Well apparently its because I am not allowed to share my religious beliefs. This is not FREEDOM. I feel I should be allowed to pray with people who want it where ever I am.

Why does this matter?

Because there are still many people in the UK who take comfort from prayer, especially when they are in sad situations. Everybody should be entitled to feel the love and peace that comes from prayer. 

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