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The betrayal of my country

Comment 6th July 2010

Repeal the European Communities Act 1972.  This will restore our once great country to being a free, independent, self-governing state.  Edward Heath betrayed this country in 1972 as he knew full well that the ultimate goal was the realisation of Jean Monet's absurd notion of a United States of Europe which, paradoxically, did not include the United Kingdom, but Heath signed up anyway.  Successive Prime Ministers since Heath have slavishly signed away our rights and freedoms so that they can strut the world's stage and pretend to be 'great statesmen'.

Why does this matter?

Our freedom and independence have been steadily eroded by a corrupt and unaccountable body in Brussels, and our very nationhood is under threat of being subsumed into a multinational morass.

Our time-honoured legal system is in danger in that we shall lose the rights of habeas corpus, trial by jury and the presumption of innocence.

In our present economic state of indebtness, it is absured for us to pay a net cost of £45M pounds per day to the EU; withdrawal from the EU will unclog our governance from endless directives, free our industries from irrelevant red tape, restore control of our own borders, allow our agricultural and fishing industries and secure our nation from threat through our membership of NATO.

Furthermore, we should not be asked to sacrifice billions of taxpayers' money to shore up irresponsible countries such as Greece.

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