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The Department of Education from keeping records on innocent people under the Protection of Children Act (Poca list)

Comment 11th August 2010

There is, quite rightly, serious concern about the police keeping DNA and fingerprint records on innocent people.

However, did you also know that the Department of Education have a policy of keeping records on people who have come under suspicion regarding children ie violence/sexual and have been proven to be totally innocent. The 'Poca list'  (Protection of Children Act) is checked as part of a CRB check.

They are keeping records for 10 years on people suspected of misconduct even if proven later to be totally innocent.

There internal policy states –

'This category includes allegations relating to misconduct or pupil mismanagement of children and including allegations of theft, or misuse of school property, harassment of an adult and other less serious non sexual offences or behaviours'.

They are keeping such records even when a person has been shown to be totally innocent and not charged with any offence.

They do so just in case some similar allegation takes place in the future.

Like the keeping of DNA and fingerprint records on innocent people such a practice by the Department of Education is a disgusting and a breach of civil liberties.


Why does this matter?

This practice needs to be stopped for obvious reasons. It doesnt protect children or vulnerable adults but is just another big brother act and punishes people who are innocent of any wrongdoings or criminal offence.

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