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The environment – packaging

Comment 12th February 2015

Reduce significantly the amount of non recyclable plastic packaging, used in the food industry particularly, by several means:

*   ensure that all "one-time" shopping bags are recyclable – i.e. paper or recyclable plastic

*   phase out all one-time plastic bags; whilst the usage reduction from 60 to 40 billion a year over the last two is significant it still means we will put 40 billion bags into the ground still this year

*   phase in the use of paper bags

*   require that both plastic bottles AND their tops are of the same recyclable material. The lids on the plastic milk bottles are recyclable whilst those on the soda bottles are not! If they were, one could flatten the plastic bottle, put on the cap and than discard thus reducing the volume by about 70%

*   invest in power plants which use packaging and other rubbish as their fuel

Why does this matter?

These actions are important, if not necessary, because of the significant volumes of non-degradable waste put into landfill each and every day.

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