The government should keep its election promises

Sites such as this are all very well, promising repeal of bad laws affecting civil liberties etc., (I will believe that IF it ever really happens)  but the government can't even be bothered to keep the promises it made in the election manifesto. The prime one today being the U-Turn on anonymity when accused of rape. People's lives are RUINED when they are falsely accused, even when later proven absolutely innocent as the mud still sticks whatever the court decides.

This is completely UNACCEPABLE and quite APPALLING.

 Commentaters on the BBC web site today overwhelmingly supported anonymity for accused people, yet the government have backtracked. I wonder if they will get my vote at the sooner, (if they carry on like this) than later next election 

Newley elected governments should be obliged to keep the promises they make before they are elected, especially those concerned with civil liberties and freedom.


Why does this idea matter?

Promises made around election time should be kept where possibe, otherwise there's no point in them, or the political parties who made them, and they will have been elected under false pretences.

Where possible, and ESPECIALLY where civil liberties are concerned, newly elected governments should KEEP their promises not ditch them a few weeks after they've gained power.

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