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the have got police, inteliigence service, echelon, phone tapping, CCTV, isn’t this enough to catch them? should be!

Comment 26th July 2010

The intelligence services have access to emails, phone tapping (not allowed in court), following powers to nab terrorists.

They don't need to tag them, or lock them up for 42 days without trial. If we do, what are police and intelligence service doing wrong?


They have got a police service to catch them with, plenty of them, and an intelligence service to catch them with. If they can't catch them without tagging and restricting movements of potentially innocent people, what improvements do we need to make to police and intelligence forces to catch them without locking them up to force confessions out of them and tagging them, Police are numerous enough to catch them at anything, they also have CCTV as well which is almost tagging! Thye need more staff to analyse the CCTV info!! which they say is too time consuming to do and only staff this when trying to catch a murderer?

Why does this matter?

It is only important if the powers that be want to listen.

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