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The justice system

Comment 17th August 2010

The law is not respected by anyone these days – and many of the younger generation go out of their way to break it. This is purely and simply because of the rules saying that no one is allowed to get hurt in any way or do anything remotely dangerous. These health and safety rules backfire terribly though. For example, our soldiers are not trained properly at home because it's too dangerous, so when they go to afghanistan or wherever else they get killed because they're not used to danger. Same with the public. If they commit a crime they should be disciplined physically, otherwise they will learn that there is no real punishment for crime and they will be horribly surprised when someone goes over the top one day and beats them to death or something. People need to get used to the idea that if they do something wrong they will be physically punished so they don't commit crimes in the first place. There also needs to be a disincentive to commit serious crime – the easiest way to do this being to reintroduce the death penalty.

The types and severity of crimes punished in this way should be thought out properly, though. The police should learn to be friendly and helpful to the public and bargain with petty criminals who didn't know any better, or committed only one minor offence. For example, someone smoking weed in a back alley doesn't cause anyone any harm, so it shouldn't be punished. However, UAF protests (which are personally supported by david cameron) should be outlawed with tough penalties due to their regularly violent and disruptive nature. Particularly against the common person who is starting to realise the benefits of nationalism, these protests/organised street fights are a potential death threat and quite often leave people on both sides with nasty injuries. The police need to be in touch with the public and know that cannabis has more benefits and does far less harm than alcohol. They need to know that muslim do-gooders often spit at and attack soldiers in the street when they return home from duty (which I find utterly disgusting! Attacking our forces is included in the 'death penalty' punishment category)
And above all, any important government ministers should have been officers in HM British forces for at least 5 years before even thinking of politics. Anyone else has no idea of what's really happening in the world or how to communicate with the public!

Why does this matter?

Make sure that the public are able to enjoy basic freedoms that don't harm anyone, but know that if they do something completely wrong, they will actually be punished!

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