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The Labour Government Eroded Our Liberty. It’s Time To Reclaim Our individual Sovereignty!

Comment 10th July 2010

After 14 Years of Labour, the common British Citizen finds themselves in a peculiar predicament. The freedoms so hard won in two world wars have all but vanished in the space of a decade.

The Labour Government simultaneously employed a system of hard core propaganda which utterly quelled the formerly insatiable need for liberty, freedom and justice that our fair Isle was so very admired for. Shows like Police, Camera, Stop and other such "documentaries" are nothing more than a subversive government agenda to tenderise our independent spirit and make us subconsciously conform to a police state.

As a perfect example of the mess that such programs leave society in, I'll quote an extract from one of these police document-aganda programs: An officer said something that I will never forget:

"Yeah, it's a shame that we didn't catch that suspected violent rapist but that's life. We'll get him next time. The day wasn't a complete failure though because we nicked that cannabis user this morning in a dawn raid! HAHAHA!"

Well, that's my case in point. I remember feeling quite sickened by that comment yet it also encouraged me to reflect on the damage that such programs do to our society's sovereignty. Such propaganda enforces the utterly skewed opinion that no matter what the Police do, it's the right thing and because society is watching such programs in a state of stasis, such nonsense washes over them. This is to the detriment of the society that we now find ourselves in. A society where having such misinformation force fed to it results in a cowled and frightened people, unable and unwilling to ask crucial questions regarding our independent and social welfare or question the, frankly, obscene power of social services that were originally put in place to protect us, not bully and harass us.

Therefore my idea is to give adults our individual responsibility back by banning such open state propaganda such as the police programs and the adverts such as "Speak To Frank".

It has been said: "Television, the drug of the nation, breeding ignorance and feeding radiation". Who would have thought that this quotation would be so very relevant in today's society? The vacuous state of mind that we watch TV in is the perfect petri dish for the growing of a police state and the removal of liberty and individual responsibility from the average Joe on the street. This fact was absolutely understood by Labour and they preyed upon it incessantly.

Ban all government propaganda and / or the televising of any government led organisation as they each are based on government agendas which consequently corrupts society by blinding them to the truth of many situations while leaving them indoctrinated to believe that the state is always correct.

Why does this matter?

This ideas important because the British public are in big trouble. Our society is dissolving in front of our eyes. Statutory freedoms, liberty and justice not to mention our individual responsibility to the self and society  have been slowly but surely corroded by the former Dictator Brown and/or Mr. Blair.

Return responsibility to the individual in matters of social and personal issues. Let an adult be an adult. We've had a few hundred thousand years to get acquainted with so being and just because we all find ourselves in a state of bewilderment at the moment after such abusive legislation, injustice and pseudo-fascist propaganda doesn't mean that we should be intimidated about going back to how things used to be.

British people used to be among the most highly regarded in the world chiefly for their ability to be individually responsible adults. Our society flourished and our justice system was the envy of the world. We can return to how we used to be, it's not too late. However, it will take active encouragement from our coalition government to help us re-establish ourselves after so many years of Labour indoctrination.

Return the UK to a sovereign state of liberty, freedom, democracy, individual responsibility and reasoned rationality!

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