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The Law of Non-Contradiction

Comment 15th March 2013

This legislation, introduced by Aristotle (an early precursor of the New Labour despots from whom we have been delivered by misters Cameron and Clegg) represents an unacceptable incursion into the private affairs of hard-working Englishmen. It is political correctness gone mad, and it is also not political correctness gone mad. I was sitting at home the other evening, after a hard day's honest work, and had a fancy to round off an evening with my family by affirming the naive t-schema. You cannot begin to imagine  how infuriated I was to discover that I am not allowed to do this, merely because Liar cases fly in the face of this so-called 'law'. My forefathers did not fight several wars for this.

Why does this matter?

It will restore freedom to the people of this once great island, and will shore up pre-theoretic intuitions about truth.

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