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The legal right to grow a narcotic plant for personal consumption

Comment 1st July 2010

The legal right to grow a cannabis plant, or other narcotic plant, for personal consumption, for health, wellbing or for faith based reasons (ie the Rastafarian Tradition and faith.)

Persons with MS benefit from cannabis and the chemicals that cannabis releases which benefit the user directly.

We are an 'uptight' society which is unable to relax. More could be achieved through teaching and allowing the cultivation of relaxation without recourse to violence which is the corollary of the 'uptight' violent society that we live in.

Therefore I propose the legally enshrined right to grow a specified number of plants (between 1 and 6) for the personal consumption  and or usage of persons in a household. For consumption within the household property and garden.

The law would also allow that the drying of a plant does not then make the plant illegal as a prepared substance.

These changes are required of the law to allow for a civilised and adult approach to the consumption of plants, prepared or otherwise, for personal usage and should therefore be enshrined in law for the benefit of all who chose to grow plants for their own personal consumption.

There would be no cost to the state in this measure. No regulatory body would need to be established. The police would be allowed to count a persons stock and remove only those plants that exceed the allowance for redistribution within the community. No charges would be brought for exceeding the legal limit on stock numbers but a person growing in excess of 12 could be fined under certain parameters.

Why does this matter?

This is a simple change to a law that is currently unreasonable, unworkable and victimises those who take cannabis for their own consumption to relieve pain and suffering. The current law also discriminates on account of a persons religion and faith ie those people who are Rastafarians in our community. How can it be illegal to grow a plant for perosnal consumption? Is that the mark of a civilised society? I believe the law needs changing and we need to loosen the 'uptight' hold that the government and state has on indiviudual freedoms and where better to start than by defining and allowing the legal right to grow a narcotic plant for ones own consumption in ones own home.

Be it so enacted.

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