The legal use of “off Road” Motorcycles on our Byways

Should be encouraged because regular use of the lanes ensures that they are safe and navigable for all other users. 

Constant use will mean that other users can be reassured in the knowledge that should they get into difficulty there is an increased chance that there are other users in the area in a position to help. Regular use will mean that those breaking the law run the chance of being caught or at least observed and information being passed onto the authorities.

Illegal Motorcycles and the illegal use of legal motorcycles should be "clamped down" upon without mercy, the bikes confiscated and the riders punished heavily for infringements especially those that damage property, threaten life or disturb the peace of others and the legal motorcyclist must help in identifying lawbreakers as it is they ( small number that they are)that are providing the majority of the reasons for banning motorcycles  from our green lanes.

I am sure the same argument goes for the legitimate use of 4 x 4's. 

Why does this idea matter?

In the past i have been very keen on exploring the countryside, mainly as a walker as a private individual and with various youth movements, in particular as a Scout leader. For various reasons i am no longer able to walk great distances and i now use a motorcycle to explore legally the countryside. 

as Chairman of my local TRF group i have become more aware of the steady increase in the number of lanes no longer available for use by all users and i feel NERC is one of the main laws making it easy for landowners, councils, authorities, other users and selfish individuals  to deny us access to the broader countryside. 

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  1. Rob Hughes | 12/10/2020 at 7:49 pm | Reply

    All good til you get hit by a motorcycle..
    Think there’s enough tarmac out there for bikes, buy some binoculars saves you walking to a closed path

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