To the RT Honourable Prime and Deputy Prime minister,

I as a man who has suffered over the last 18 years,including 4 of my children being physically abused by their mother, begining in 1992, and one of my sons passing away in 1998 i found myself using cannabis as a metaphoric crutch,the night after i burried our son,i experienced what one could only refer to as a vision,in which was made clear to me was, a way to retail prohibited substances,leaving nearly all the current laws in place to stop abuse of the act by penalizeing offenders for breach of growers licsenses,both home or commercial,and control the huge amount of revenue being laundered into the ilegall test this we enlisted the help of the chamber of commerce,and set about testin what we believe…….

I have vast knowledge of the illegal(Prohibited) drug industry and a natural understanding of the Misuse of Drugs act and have waited to put our Business Plan into effect, and to come to fruition…

The end of the ilegall drug trade and the deprevation it brings to those that cant afford the prohibited price,and end the lavish lifestyle those that trade that commodity live,without contributing to the ecconomy legitamately!!!

The list of products that can be manafactured using this raw product IS ENDLESS,it produces more cellulose per acre than trees,it makes better oil than crude,better paper than trees,finer paints,materials of various grades,and most importantly INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINES WERE DESIGNED TO RUN ON IT,BECAUSE IT DOES NOT PRODUCE TOXIC EMMISIONS WHEN USED AS FUEL!! as Otto intended when he created the 4 stroke engine. 

Why does this idea matter?

So i shall continue by saying that i am a white rastafarian,who belives that the laws that govern us over drug enforcement are really not applicable to modern times,being that most of the people who toke not smoke,(the difference being wether or not you mix tobacco with your herb,as this to has its own side affects,by causing social addiction to a chemical that does not grow anywhere,but is used because of the expense of burnin neat bud,so not will we be reducing crime but cutting down on the health bill by less cancer cases)we were not alive when our parents,my parents,your parents showed no responsibility in thier free use of drugs,but its not about rhetoric,its about now.

In 1999 i put together a business plan to allow the sale of what we refer to as Sacred Herb(Cannabis) legitamately,enforcing laws that cant be enforced now, and releasing billions in lost revenue.

It is a known fact that we do have a large number of natural growers here in our country(pity it wasnt England players,but we cant have it all)

creating thousands of jobs and some long term reinvestment into the ecconomy

As an industry the jobs created in making this very politicaly correct move could save a lot of people from poverty,and top back up the coffers pot(no pun intended)

We planned on 4 plant permits for home use,about £50 per year,in instalments for those that need that facility,and commercial permits propotionate to the size of plantation(Garden/indoor/outdoor)with strict control and heavy penalies to those who breach those permits(commercial),including assets froze,stock and equipment siezed and sold.

As well as enabling certain chemists to supply this and other substances,for those who dont want to purchase their Herb or any other substance from anyone but a government chemist or just dont know a commercial grower,or supplier.

It is estimated that there are about 20 million cannabis users in our fair country,and @ a minimum of £20 per week,that being a conservitive estimate(again no pun intended)equates to £400 million aweek minimum turnover,thats from direct sales,not counting all the rest of revenue from associated industry,more than a sufficient amount to rapidly reduce the ecconomys debt and launch an industry that the current laws already allow to exist,i would seriously like to get involved with this well worth cause on a governmental level,and help restore my country,a country free enough to question its own conscience,a country to believe in.

                                                     your faithfull subject


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