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The Need To Legalise All Drugs

Comment 27th July 2010


I believe we should legalise all drugs, and I would like to present to you my reasons. First of all I would like to make it clear that I am personally passionately against taking any harmful drugs. 

The two most dangerous and destructive drugs are legal.  They are cigarettes and alcohol. The reasons why we cannot make taking cigarettes and alcohol illegal is the exact opposite to why we must make all drugs legal.  We would never be able to stop people smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol and so it is pointless making them illegal.  It is also impossible to stop people taking all the illegal drugs and so we must stop wasting time and money and legalise them.

I would like to list the reason for and against legalisation of drugs.


The reasons for not legalising drugs.

1) There will be an increase in drug use.

2) Some people might think it is safe to take drugs if they are legal.

3) It is dangerous for people to take drugs and drive.


I believe that drug use will not increase if they are made legal.  Everyone who wants to take drugs can get them.  Even people in prison can get illegal drugs.  We must educate the public as we do with cigarettes and make sure they know the consequences of taking all drugs.  People are already being tested for taking drugs if they are involved in an accident.


The reason for legalising drugs.

1)  We cannot and will never be able to stop illegal drug use.

2)  Very few people die because of illegal drug use.  Most people die from an overdose and drug contamination, and from gang warfare.  Many lives will be saved by legalising drugs.

3)  The UK will save billions of pounds every year.

4)  The billions of pounds saved could be spent on education, the NHS and the police and providing help for people wishing to get off drugs.

5)  People will be able to get illegal drugs in the same way they get cigarettes and alcohol.

6)  All drugs will be pure and of a standard strength.

7)  People will not have to commit crimes to fund their drug taking, and so shoplifting, burglaries and muggings crimes will decrease.

8)  Women will not be forced into prostitution to fund their habit.

9)  Drug gangs will not be able to make huge sums of money from drugs and the gang wars will be reduced markedly.

10)  People will be employed by drug makers and will pay tax.

11)  The drugs will be taxed and provide millions to the revenue.

12)  There will be less people being arrested and sent to prison.

13)  The prison population will be reduced and there will not be a need to build extra prisons.

14)  The police and the judiciary will have more time to deal with real crime.

15)  There will be no more drug pushing.

16)  There will be a reduction of the spread of diseases such as AIDS by the use of dirty needles.

17)  Doctors will know who is taking drugs and will be able to identify resulting problems caused by the drugs.

18)  There will be an end to drug smuggling.

19)  We will be able to take the control of drugs out of the hands of the gangsters.

20)  We will have all the money we need for educating our youngsters to the dangers of drugs.

21)  We will have all the money we need to improve inner city life and give people jobs and future prospects.

There are probably many more reasons but the obove reasons are more than sufficient to support the need to legalise all drugs.


People should be able to decide what drugs they will take.  Most people like me will take tea and coffee and alcohol and will only take other drugs if the are prescribed by a doctor. We desperately need a debate organised by the government to discuss the problem.


Why does this matter?

If the world legalises all drugs hundreds of thousands of lives will be saved over the next few years; thousands of billions of pounds will be saved and put to better use and we will be providing a better future for our children and grandchildren. 

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