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the new medical assessment for incapcity has to be amended

Comment 24th August 2010

i fully agree that there are many on long term incapacity benefit when they coud be working part-time at least and i full agree that at some point there should be an assessment to see if they really are incapable of work.  however the way the previous government has gone about this is a disgrace.  those who have undergone lafe saving surgery, suffering from cancer are being forced to attend private medical assessments just weeks after their ops, this is to establish whether they are really unable to work (some cant even walk, let alone work, but they have to attend otherwise they get no benefit despite paying into the system for many years) and to see if they deserve any beneift – waiting 8 weeks before any benefit is paid, if they're lucky  – this is completely inapropriate, a disgrace and degrading,  they shouldnt have to beg for benefit, they are sick, they are entitled to the money, they've paid their insurance, the surgeon/consultant/gp  has signed them off – but that doesnt seem enough these days, instead we pay private companies thousands to assess claimants – this is so wrong.  if the claimants are on long term benefit i agree that they should be regularly assessed but by their own consultants/gps/surgeons – the cost of using these private companies could go those in real need who cannot work

Why does this matter?

give back the claimants self respect and direct the money into the funds needed for those who are in dire need who cannot work

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