The punishment should fit the crime.

When an offender is convicted in Court the punishment should reflect the crime in comparison to all other crimes which are on the statute books. For example a child abuser should not receive less time in prison than say someone convicted of fraud.

In effect what I feel needs to be done is that sentencing guidelines for the whole spectrum of crimes need to be reviewed in order that the punishment best reflects the crime the offender has comitted in relation to other crimes.

Fraud and Sexual Abuse in Children are two totally different crimes but it has often been the case a peadophile could receive less of a punishment than the fraudster who tried to make a quik buck without harming anyone. It is obvious this needs to be addressed.

Why does this idea matter?

This idea is very important and should it be addressed and in doing so would restore the publics confidence in the criminal justice system.

For example, if one individual was imprisoned for non-payment of taxes for say 4 years another may receive a community order for sexually assaulting a child. It is these sorts of discrepencies in dishing out punishment which irritates newspapers and the general public too.

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