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The Real Reason Behind Water Fluoridation

Comment 16th July 2010

My idea is to alert the public to the facts that are not generally known.

Flouridation is a catch-all term which incorporates many toxic manufacturing wastes in addition to the Fluoride and is  intended to lower the general health of the nation, causing bone cancer, early development of alzheimers, lower IQ, sterility, acceptance of government's ruling without question and general apathy. (Hence the reason Hitler added Fluoride to the drinking water supplies in the concentration camps, and later Stalin also).

Cattle given the choice refuse to drink it.  In areas where water supplies are fluoridated the poison is added to the crops which increases the dosage taken in by the local people.




Why does this matter?

Because it is being used to poison the people in accordance with the beliefs of many academics and scientific technocrats that the world population is too large.

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