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The repeal of the Digital Economy Act 2010

Comment 29th July 2010

The sharing of music and movies has been happening for as long as music and movie rental/retail has existed. by punishing those who use peer sharing sites by throttling or even suspending bandwidth is a breach of human rights and this idea was also  A MAIN LAW TO BE REPEALED ON THE LIST OF THE LIBERAL DEMOCRATS SHOULD THEY COME INTO POWER.

Why does this matter?

This is important because the legislation was rushed in i believe without due care and attention by Lord Mandelson as part of a personal agenda alongside David Geffen to protect the vested interests of the money makers within the music industry.

Without the ability to share music or movies, independent music and movie makers would miss out on the vast audience that they could potentially reach, the talent that came from myspace launching careers of Shaun Kingston et al has seen the benefit of what music sharing can do.

Also the ambiguity of who has downloaded what when a public server is used, is way too complicated. example, if i were to download the latest album at a library or internet cafe, where does the fault lie, or if someone were to use my wifi connection to download am i to blame even though i have not commited the illegal download?

There are many music industry legends who have come to the front line to demand that this law should not be made, these are people who believe in the power of music and without technology to put work out into the world for the people to see and hear you are taking away a new ability to create and market.

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