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The ‘right’ to be housed by society if you have a child should be curtailed

Comment 7th July 2010

The current right to be given a flat/house if you simply have a child is very costly to society, particularly when the household is single parent only as they will not work for at least five years. This 'right', or policy, encourages people to have children as early in life as possible as it gets them a property and free money (from tax payers who do work). It does not encourage independance, self reliance or responsibility.

I suggest the right to this free house and property be removed, and replaced with a collective boarding house/dormitary arrangement that includes a creche. This will allow the mothers to go to work and contribute to society and will save millions in housing costs as working families will be able move into the vacated flats/houses.

It will also mean the minority who simply have babies to get bigger houses will not benefit. And we won't have to pay for their choices.

Why does this matter?

Society gives its citizens many rights. With these rights come responsibilities to society and the self, but some people are made immune from the responsibilities by laws. People should not be rewarded for behaviour that is fundamentally anti-social – if somone keeps having babies, they should pay for them, not everyone else.

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