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The right to die

Comment 2nd July 2010

I believe the law should be ammended to allow terminally ill people to end their life with dignity.

To avoid the need for giving extensive detail here, I would advocate a change in the law which reflects the proposals in Lord Joffe's Bill of 2009.

Lord Joffe's Bill incorporated powerful safeguards against abuse by unscrupulous relatives and carers.

Why does this matter?

In spite of claims to the contrary, palliative care cannot always ensure a peaceful and dignified death for the terminally ill. I say this having witnessed the death of my wife.

Where death is imminent; where the person dying is in pain and in distress; where that person, whilst in a state of sound mind, has expressed a wish to be helped to die, then it is important that those wishes are respected.

When palliative care cannot relieve suffering, it is nothing short of cruelty to deny a dignified and pain free death.

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