The right to have a bank account

At present, banks in this country can refuse any person to open a bank account with them. The banks can also close any bank account if they so wish.   What happens when a person is refused a bank account even though they have no criminal record, a perfect credit history, on no British blacklist?  This is descrimination.

Most employers/clients pay salaries directly into a bank account,  private pensions and the like are also paid this way.  Shopping for most items and paying bills becomes extremely restricted. In fact, in this modern age,  it would be impossible for most people to live a normal life without a bank account , as they would have nowhere to deposit their money and savings on which they have to rely on to survive and make payments/pays bills when due.  Especially, nowadays, the most basic everyday bills can run into hundreds of pounds and it is simply not realistic to expect people to walk the steets with such cash in their pockets as it is impractical and in fact risky. 

I believe it is now a basic human right for all people to be entitled to  hold at least a basic current and savings account.

Why does this idea matter?

I am a victim of such discrimination.

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