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The right to privacy and freedom

Comment 8th July 2010

There is too much interference in twenty first century Britain. Too much being told what to think what to believe and what to do and not to do! How can we be sane and happy while we must endure police and community support officers and cameras scrutinizing our every move. So many regulations and restrictions govern our lives now that this small country has become a truly stifling domain, I am sorry to have to say! If I was younger and most definitely if I had children I would try with all possible ability and chance to emigrate to a freer, happier land but it isn't possible( although I dream of this almost every night.) A lot of their education seems to be about indoctrination and now its sex education from the age of five, I read in a newspaper. It makes me want to scream. Remove all Labour's laws and let's have our freedom back!! I've become so nostalgic for past times when life was happier, less governed and a person had an inalienable right to be, to express him or herself, to do practically whatever they wished as long as it didnt hurt anybody. Destroy all those crazy new post 9/11 rules and let's have a chance to breathe fresh air and feel free again.

Why does this matter?

Too much Nanny State control is no longer quaint or laughably silly as it possibly once was when it first originated in our country because the people who impose this new regime have become dangerous for the very fact that they take themselves (with all their quirky ideas!) simply much too seriously and heaven help the rest of us who don't share their views. They are a truly sinister bunch for their main hidden desire springs from an insatiable desire for power and to control everybody. Watch out, anyone who may be a rebel with folks like this around. I suppose it is the State which now appears like a rather mad machine taking over and wanting to absorb everyone into one mass mind of sameness. It's grotesque and very Orwellian, actually.

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