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The right to protest and free speech..

Comment 13th July 2010

Repeal laws in relation to:-

Protest and free speech are crucial parts of political life, with a strong British history, yet a variety of measures undermine them.
Laws intended to combat anti-social behaviour, terrorism and serious crime are routinely used against legitimate protesters.
Free Speech has been a victim on the 'War on Terror', with offences of 'encouragement' and 'glorification' of terrorism threatening to make careless talk a crime.
Non-violent political organisations can be classified along with Al-Quaeda, with membership or association with them a serious criminal offence.
Meanwhile, the Racial and Religious Hatred Act 2006 has extended the offence of incitement to racial hatred to cover religion, threatening to seriously undermine legitimate debate.

Why does this matter?

Because protest and free speech are essential components of civilised democracy.

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