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The right to roam for dogs

Comment 29th January 2015

The idea to stop dogs from roaming was ludicrous, the dog has the right to roam.

Why does this matter?

They don’t foul up pavements when they roam because believe it or not (It may sicken people) they eat theirs and other dogs poop, not all but at the moment there is mass amounts of dog poop left all over our streets by “dog owners” who can’t be bothered to clear it up, well more now since they stopped dogs roaming.

Cross breeds (mongrels) are now extict or near to it, they kept the cat from our gardens and kept them from catching birds, which are now being decimated due to cats and Magpies and Sparrowhawks. With the dog around the cat would not come into front gardens due to being chased the house sparrow would thrive and yet these species of birds are now disapearing from our lives. (just one of many reasons for declines in species) You take away something and it has a big knock on effect.

The law which took away the right to roam for dogs has impounded the dog and our traditions of stroking these friendly animals which is mans best friend, if you want to stroke and pet a dog these days you have to own one and keep it locked up, it is cruel for the amimal and cruel for children who will never know what it is like for a dog to run up and lick their face and then move on up the street.


Dog attacks have increased now because they don’t interact any more with the public only with their owners.


I think this law should be given more consideration and possibly repelled and new dog liscencing laws put in place.


We don’t live in a perfect world and there is probably loads of things against this but the right of the dog must come first and they should have the right to freedom and enjoyment and they live in a world where scenting their territory is their world, if restricted how can they even have a territory?

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