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The Smoking Ban

Comment 14th August 2010

I beleive the smoking ban in pubs to be an infringement of my civil liberties. If smoking is so bad for you why do Governments still allow its' sale? Surely this is totally hypocritical? If people do not want to be in a smokey environment then go somewhere else, or at least have no smoking sections in the pub, bring back the Saloon Bar and a Lounge where there would be no smoking. Honestly, we're turning into a nation of crybabies and wimps, ready to bleat our pathetic little hearts out at the least provocation while the rest of the world gets on with life, love and the pursuit of happiness.

Why does this matter?

Because I think it is and it is important to me. Nearly everyone I know apart from a few die-hard killjoys, reckon, along with foxhunting, that this is a stupid, anti-social law. So there!

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