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The United Kingdom. Where anyone can rise to be King.

Comment 24th July 2010

We should have an elected head of state and they should be King or Queen. This allows us to remain a 'kingdom' and enjoy the pagentry and history associated with it. If the person has family their kids become princes and princesses !

The current royal family stop having special rights and their titles/ position no longer recognized by the government. However, individuals have the choice to call them their queen/king if they want to. They just no longer have to.

The actual role of the head of state is for a different discussion. This is an idea for the mechanism.

Vote for this if you want to be King or Queen !

The United Kingdom. Where anyone can rise to be King.

Why does this matter?

It removes the cornerstone of the class and hereditory system and makes this country one that has opportunity for all.

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