The wrong kind of legislation

It's a good idea to remove unnecessary legislation. But there are some areas that are important to people’s everyday lives that don’t attract the attention of the legislators. Small things on the grand scale of Politics and Economics, but very annoying things on the small scale of the housing estate and the town centre.

House alarms and car alarms. Does anybody pay any attention to them other than what an annoying noise ?

Noisy dogs and dog mess in the street. The problem of barking dogs is one of the most reported issues for local authorities.

A re-introduction of the dog licence with a requirement to pass a simple test of competence as a dog owner.

And a new standard for house alarms that requires they connect either to the police or a security agency, and a fixed penalty for allowing false alarms.

And litter, in towns and public places like parks, railway stations and motorway service areas. More litter bins would be a good idea and staff employed to empty them.

Why does this idea matter?

 This is about improving the environment where we live.

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