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There is no such thing as compromise

Comment 17th August 2010

I disagree intensely with the idea of fully bringing the death penalty back; it is an outdated and cruel concept, as we have seen with the uproar in Iran over the stoning of the adulteress. However, I also believe that a compromise is necessary. If one commits a catalogue of treasonable offences- say, trying to blow up a plane or try to kill the Queen- then they should face the death penalty if they are British citizens and if there is plenty of evidence to show, and not suggest, that a serious crime has been committed.  

The same idea of compromise applies to smoking; pubs are designed for adults and not children. Therefore, there should be either a smoking room, or one should be able to smoke indoors. This decision is entirely up to the pub management and the landlord. The pub should pay nothing for smoking to be legalised indoors. Restaurants, buses, trains and cabs should remain non-smoking. There is no compromise; it is all or nothing. The preponderance of the population would like a cigarette with their pint; politics goes on and on about Human Rights, well, where have at least some of the smoker's rights got to?

Why does this matter?

Compromise for the death penalty and for smoking.

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