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This call is being recorded for training purposes

1 Comment 1st July 2010

For some reason, every time you telephone a corporation, public or private, you have to hear a recorded voice saying: "This call is being recorded for training purposes". I don't know why. Someone's afraid of something. Maybe transgressing the Data Protection Act ? It's irritating and shouldn't be necessary.

Why does this matter?

One of life's many little unnecessary irritations.

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One Response to This call is being recorded for training purposes

  1. Peter Sheard says:

    “This call is being recorded for xyz purposes” has begun to blight my everyday life. To me, it’s a red flag to a bull. Whatever I initially intend to say always gets lost because I insist on an explanation of the TC message before I continue. Last night, I phoned Radio 5Live with a contribution. Guess what? Obviously I needed to know why? The interviewer told me it was irrelevent and eventually put the phone down on me. I phoned again; ditto. And again ditto. Four more times I phoned and my calls just rang out. I sent e-mails. You will smile ironically at the replies I received.

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