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Comment 5th July 2010

Allow people to post counter-arguments to some of the suggestions being made- after all this is meant to be a democracy, you say.

Perhaps change this section to being about changes to the law, not just repealing laws.

Why does this matter?

I object though to the fact people are not being allowed to present an argument to counter some of the suggestions made. If you were to look on here as a snapshot of people's views, you'd think the majority of people were against the smoking ban when there is evidence the very opposite is true. On this note, to what extent is the lunacy of some of these posters going to be taken into consideration? Such as the number of people posting about smoking who are from FOREST or the suchlike?

Also, there's an irony in the number of posters who post comments such as: "this is meant to be about repealing the law, not making new laws". Surely there should be freedom for people to disagree with suggestions made, and in some cases that may mean saying they want the law changed to be stricter?

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