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Ticket restrictions

Comment 5th July 2010

Stop organisations (particularly rail, airlines, concerts & sports) having rules re transferrability of tickets (other than for security) that can cause great expense for the unwary ticket holder.  Examples are where the organisations :-

a) prevent names being changed –  as with airlines where an error has occurred in nameing the pasenger. 

b) ban the transfer of tickets – as do rail companies and organisers of concerts, sports events, etc.

c) prevent a passenger joining part way through the journey – e.g. a ticket from Newcastle to London, but joining the train at Darlington. 

Why does this matter?

Such restrictions are a deliberate "small print" way to extract money from users.  The relevance to the items above are :-

a) We read of many cases where an airline has refused to accept a passenger and forced them to buy a new expensive ticket e.g. "jenny jones" when her passpost shows "jennifer". after all, the ticket is for the transport of a person, not some conditional contract that requires a specific passenger.

b) It should not matter to the organisation who has the ticket, as the correct price has been paid.  This is relevant for rail if one wanted to pass on the unused return ticket and for concerts, football etc.  If the owner can get a good price for the icket, good luck to them.

c) As in the recent case of a lady joining the Newcastle to London train at Darlington, the ticket holder has alreadt paid more than enough, and should not be forced to to pay again.

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