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Tighten Regulations INSTEAD of relaxing them.

Comment 21st July 2010

Social Fabric is being eroded.  With laws being introduced to 'protect' the rights of some the rights of others are being removed and this needs to be reversed.  Civilisation was built by law, order and discipline.  Ask individuals is they want more freedom they will always say YES but true freedom comes at too high a price for some and government MUST return to a much tighter regime or our society will disintegrate and social regression will set in.

Why does this matter?

In the natural world the 'survival of the fittest' applies, the weak die or are eaten.  What sets us apart from the animals is our civilisation, founded in years past through the systems of law, order and discipline that were introduced.  These have been built upon over the milennia to the point we are at now.

When we arrived post WW2 people looked to the state to relax its hold upon us after years of rationing and war.  Rightly they agreed when the time was right, ending rationing and lightening their grip.  Society wanted more freedom and they got it.  This continued on and when we hit the age of the internet global communication kicked in.  Suddenly people had knowledge of all things at their fingertips and by this time they were used to getting more and more freedom given to them.

With the European laws on rights and the European courts intervention in domestic legal matters the threshhold was crossed and too much of the needed regulation was removed.

The weaker members of society relied upon this regulation to keep them safe from those who used their strength to better their own position in local society by taking, through force, what they were not entitled to.  These crimes now number into 8 figures and the weak are powerless to stop the onslaught.

They turn to the police and government for aid, the police however are buried in the paperwork that is required to meet European requirements.  Government too is 'policed' by the Europeans and is not allowed to take the steps needed to return regulation and order to our land.

The up coming spending review is about to cut 25% from the budget of the police at precisely the time that they need more resources, less paperwork and the chance to bring criminals to account.  Societies weak, vulnerable and elderly desperately need action to protect them from the animals that live among us and if government won't protect them who will?

It is vital, for us all, that we return the rule of law because if we do not then society will continue its regression and the cost to us all will be the failure of our society. 

We need discipline to start at home, with the young being taught the difference between right and wrong.  This needs to be reinforced in the school environment with the reintroduction of corporal punishment and with lessons taught on citizenship and respect for the rule of law.. 

The police presence on our streets needs to be more visible and they should have less paperwork involved, or that paperwork needs to be handled by administrators, leaving the front line officers free to fight crime on our streets.

The courts system should be remedied by streamlining the judicial precedents, making it a much clearer system without judges and barristers having millions of sources which provide too many loopholes for guilty defendants to escape their punishment and further, that the state use professional jurors across the country instead of having to take people from their rightful employment to sit on cases for weeks, sometimes months.  These jurors would become knowledgable themselves and be better able to understand the intricacies of the legal process.

Prisons should have systems and facilities that were harsh enough to put criminals off.  First offenders committing none violent crimes should be given hard labour punishments in the community, violent offenders or those committing a 2nd offence be sentenced accordingly and placed in an uncomfortable prison where they would NOT be treated with kid gloves.  Persistant offenders or those having caused serious harm to another whould spend their sentence in solitary confinement, with only the thought of their crime and its effect on their current situation to pass the time.

The rule of law must be maintained and if we do not take the steps needed, however unpopular they are with the criminal minority then that minority will grow to a majority as the once law abding citizens start to take justice into their own hands having been let down by the legal process and when that happens our streets will become warzones.  We must act now.


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