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Tighten up consumer law to defend our rights

Comment 3rd September 2010

That the practice of stores selling say a bottle of wine at X in one store and Y in another, should be banned. It is reasonable to charge more in London where rents are higher, or in the Highlands because of distance involved, but where there is really no difference ie between two stores in Surrey, it should be stopped.

Furthermore, when looking to buy decorative stuff for my sitting room, I found that although they come from the same warehouse, one website within a group may charge thirteen pounds more for the same item, than another website owned by the same company. This is especially common at the biggest household name mail order companies.

I complained to Trading Standards and was told it's legal. It shouldn't be.

Why does this matter?

Companies are ripping us off, charging what they think an area can stand.

They cannot justify selling the same item from the same warehouse using an almost identical website maintained by the same people with a price differential of thirteen pounds between the two. It's ripping us off. If you don't have Internet access you cannot find the item on the cheapest website of the group either.

We're in recession. If a company can make a profit on an item for ten pounds using same staff, warehouse, website designers and delivery methods they don't need to charge twenty three pounds for it just because the name on the website is different.

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