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Time to review the libel laws.

Comment 17th July 2010

On the 16th July The Chartered Institute For Environmental Health issued the following press release. "Pro-health campaign ASH has accused the tobacco industry of orchestrating pro-smoking comments on a website launched by deputy prime minister Nick Clegg in a move to get ‘unnecessary’ laws and regulations scrapped." This is patently untrue. Britain's 12 million smokers are not an adjunct to tobacco companies who are sycophantic, lick spittle lap dogs unable to express any opinion without reference to a third party.  Instead as a group deprived of the right of association, unable to enjoy a legal past time with the permission of the owner of private property, we exercised complete freewill and were only too pleased to contribute to the debate.

Why does this matter?

We feel we have been subject to a libel, but as the laws stand have no redress. So we ask that the Home Secretary to amend the libel laws so that an individual or as a group may ask for a retraction. We do not want complicated legal cases involving solicitors and expensive court cases but a simple acknowledgement in the form of a press release or posting on a website that the information is open to debate to being plain wrong.

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