To ALL EMPLOYERS please give more 30 hour jobs!

My idea is to get employers to give more 30 hour posts  so that we can at LEAST claim working tax credit,  because you have to be working 30 hours or more to be eligible, which I think is strange, surely it should be the other way around, the less hours more help?

Why does this idea matter?

If employers are going to be PAID  to take more people on?????????? (who makes these rules) anyway if they are being paid to take on extra staff, please please give at least 30 hours, women alone even men that cannot get full time work NEED  30 hours to be able to claim for working tax credit assistance!  I WANT TO WORK, find it hard to get full time sometimes so I look for 30 hours… most jobs part time are all 22 hours and 25……. so we cant take them because you lose benefit if you take more than 16 hours, surely it should be the other way around the less hourly paid job you have then you should get working tax credit?  Also if you work 15 hours or less on JSA Job Seekers Allowance they take it off you out of your JSA Allowance money and leave you with £5………………. so it is better to get full time, there is no incentive to work for some.

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