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To allow Horse Riders to use Footpaths and Cyclepaths

1 Comment 2nd July 2010

To allow The Public Rights of Ways to be accessed by the public and not to discriminate against Horse Riders.

Why does this matter?

The restriction that prevent Horse Riders from using Footpaths and Cyclepaths are discriminatory. Walkers and Cyclists can use Bridleways.  Why can't Horse Riders use the Public Rights of Way – Footpaths and Cyclepaths?  It's not a question of safety as all three groups meet on Bridleways.  Horse Riders only have access to approx 21% of the Public Rights of Way in England.

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One Response to To allow Horse Riders to use Footpaths and Cyclepaths

  1. Ann Scott says:

    Sounds reasonable in principal BUT footpaths are not the same width as Bridleways. Footpaths still unfortunately go through gardens and inappropriate places. As well as ‘strangers’ dogs and sometimes ‘unpleasant people’ should I really also have to put up with horses trampling over my garden and how might I ask are they going to negotiate stiles,kissing gates small bridges over streams etc? Bridleways also require greater widths and obstructions,such as trees, to be removed.

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