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To expunge the criminal record of those who have not re-offended for 25 years

Comment 1st July 2010

Those with criminal records are penalised in seeking certain forms of employment by way of the record being kept for 70 years I believe. Other than those offences against the person, registered as a risk to vunerable adults and children and those who have breached or are considered likely to breach National Security after 25 years of non-offending, the Criminal Record of the individual should be completely expunged.

This will then enable them to seek a wider range of employment withour fear of disclosure, be able to travel to those areas of the World currently denied to them and most importantly, allow them to feel that their rehabilitation has been worthwhile and recognised by society.  

Why does this matter?

I feel my idea is important because it allows members of society who have been penalised for extended periods even though they are completely rehabilitated to feel that they are now a fully inclusive member of said society.

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