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too much emphasis on autonomy prevents protection of the vulnerable

Comment 2nd August 2010

to re-write the Human Rights Act to allow concerned friends and family of vulnerable individuals to use common sense. Or educate institutions and organisations to interpet and apply the present Act correctly with regard to vulnerable individuals without having to wait for powers of attorney or guardianship to be in force- these take up to 18 months if the vulnerable individual has no insight that thay are being abused.

Why does this matter?

There are thousands of elderly vulnerable indivduals being abused by post and phone all over the country- see for examples, and for the obstacles being put in the way of all attempts to protect them. Failure to proect them leads to them becoming destitue and reliant on the state,often have to be institutionalised because of deleterious effects on their physical and mental health. Families are put under intolerable strain once they realise what is happening. The national economy is losing tens of thousands of people’s savings to sophisticated criminals abroad whom the police are unable to catch because they operate from many countries across the world and move frequently across borders.

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