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Too much red tape for Small Businesses

Comment 8th July 2010

Small businesses struggle to make ends meet. At the moment more and more time is spent filling in forms, adhering to Health & Safety Regualtions, many of which seem inappropriate much of the time for a small, office based company , employing a mere handful of staff.  Please cut down on the form filling needed, and costly additions that we have to undetake just to keep going – eg PAT testing every single appliance in the office; having to register for PRS just to have a radio on in the office for 4 members of staff to listen to whilst working.  We need to time to get on and do the jobs we are trying to do just to survive, not spending time completing meaningless forms etc  

Why does this matter?

It will help small businesses to survive in these very tough times. We need to be able to spend our crucial time on keeping our businesses going, not being divertedfrm our purpose by what seem meaningless, and time wasting exercises, ewhich are often costly both in time and resources.

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