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Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidation) Act 1992

1 Comment 3rd July 2010

Currently under TULRA the Trade Union National Executive and President & Vice President elections state that you require one Branch nomination to stand for election.  However, as far as General Secretary elections or Deputy General secretries or Assistant General Secretaries are concerned there is no rules or number of nominations mentioned.  The "Hard Left"  (Militant) use this, to request often a ridiculous high number of nominations in order to stand for General secretary.  Because the Hard Left control the Union branches they ensure only the candidate they want to stand gets elected. Which is completely unfair

This legislation needs to be changed to make it fair that any member of a trade union can have the right to stand in any Trade Union election, whether it be for the National Executive, or General secretary, senior union officers, or even Branch officers!

Why does this matter?

The Hard left or Militant currently are able to maintain control of many of the unions because they often "Control" the branches and it is the branches that make the nominations.  And lets be honest, the majority of the members of unions are essentially "moderate" not "Militant" therefore those who claim to represent them don't!

If you have paid your subscriptions any fully paid up member of a Trade Union should have the right to stand in any Trade Union Election and even "self nominate" themselves, and let the Trade Union membership decide in a full membership ballot whether the person is elected to office or not

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One Response to Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidation) Act 1992

  1. mike craig says:

    Great Idea, But for exactly the opposite reason. Trade union members are generally left of centre, and this should be reflected in leadership positions, currently this is not the case with most Union Leaders being right leaning. Trade unions exist to defend the rights of workers in and out of the workplace, it is not their job to defend employers and neoliberal governments.

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