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Transformation of British Colonies to Party Tourist Islands

Comment 15th March 2013

Ask the ordinary British citizen what colonies and british owned territory we have and you will get a blank stare, many would give you a blank stare. Of which, there are fourteen. Gibralta, Falklands, Cayman Islands and British Antartica are the most well known. Why dont we know them? Well because they are only full of people like you and me and a few houses.

Meanwhile the balerics are enjoying Euphoric dance vibes while Jamica bathes in its hedonistic culture. My vision is to give the people of the United Kingdom something to unite about, lets turn these islands into centres of touristic and economic powerhouses and leave places like Ibiza in total jeaousy. These would form a new British Empire of music and euphoria for all who lands on such isles and places. British Antartica can host eco tourism where polar bears and penguins could be domesticated for a specialised petting zoo.

It would also help us ride out the economic downturn and give us an extra income which cant be a bad thing in this day and age.

Why does this matter?

This would give freedom and excitement to the many British Citizens that so desire this.

It would help us surf the waves of the recession with a smile.

The residents of the islands would always find work and enjoy also the fantastic lifestyle.

Argentinians would only be fighting to get on the guestlists of the worlds finest night clubs!

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