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Travel Anonymously Through London

Comment 12th July 2010

Travel passes, such as for the London Underground, should not have people's names and details recorded against them.

The excuse for this given by London local politicians is that if someone has lost their card or had it stolen, then it can be recovered.

But a record of personal details is not necessary for this. All that is required is a unique identifier for the traveller (such as a serial number) and a photocard with the necessary details, such as name, which could be kept at home. If a card is lost or stolen, the traveller would only need present this photocard at a ticket office. His details need not be recorded and held on computer.

Why does this matter?

The current system allows members of the public to be arbitrarily tracked by the state. When a ticket barrier is opened with a magnetic ticket, the state knows the precise whereabouts of that individual.

This is intrusive. People should be left to go about their business in private.

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