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Travel Expenses reinstated when going for a new job interview locally or not

Comment 1st September 2010

I have been extremely surprised that these travel expenses were scrapped. Companies wanting to recruit call many potential workers for an interview without restraint and above all without having to pay them for their efforts to find a job.

Travel Expenses need to be reconsidered, especially when people who want to work and are on job seeker's allowance cannot afford to pay for all the interviews' travel expenses.

Worse even is the fact that a job seeker is prevented by the government to get Travel Expenses paid back if they do search for a job locally, [] "the intention… is to allow you to attend interviews further afield ". Families are breaking up more quickly than ever and the government want to accentuate the split by "encouraging people" to move away from where they live and look for jobs further afield. That's nonsense. Why uprooting people? We haven't learnt a great deal since the Industrial Revolution obviously!

Why does this matter?

My idea is important because not all people can afford to pay travel expenses when they are on job seeker allowance. Instead, Job centres are ready to pay for a new outfit for them to look "presentable", which is ridiculous. Companies recruiting should have to reimburse the expenses of anybody having come for an interview advertised by them. .

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