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Traveller Trespass

Comment 8th September 2010

With the Government likely to make it easier for Municipal bodies to remove illegal travellers it is likely that private sites will be targetted.  This is misery for the owner.

The travellers cannot be attributed more rights than anyone else and so the law needs to permit land owners the same rights as municipal bodies.

Essentially, illegal occupation of land is not trespass, it is theft.  It denies the owner the right to use and occupy the land himself and is therefore theft.  Theft is a criminal offence and the Police should remove the travellers.  Any damage to the land or adjoining premises is a criminal offence and the Police should act.

It is not right that the land owner should be required to enter into expensive legal procedings to evict travellers.

The landowners and general public pay for the Police Service and expect it to protect them and their property.

Currently, travellers can occupy anyone's land and the owner is left to fund the legal process and the eventual clean up.


Why does this matter?

The Travellers are flouting the law and misusing the Human Rights legislation.  This brings the whole into disrepute and is unacceptable.  The previous Goverment encouraged this activity without a mandate to so do.

The Public looks to the present Government to redress the wrong.

The Irish Government confiscates the vans of illegally parked travellers, and that seems to work well.  It may well be why we have such a problem, and so we must act accordingly.

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