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Treat Non-EU immigrants with respect

Comment 2nd July 2010

The three recently proposed laws by David Cameron have been unfair:

1) The first, that spouses of non-EU immigrants should speak English before they enter the UK is unfair; as Nick Clegg rightly suggested to David Cameron, many British ex-pats in foreign countries are not able to speak the language of the locals. If this law goes ahead (or has already been passed?) then those spouses of EU immigrants should also have to speak English before they enter the UK, to ensure equality for all immigrants in a country that has, until now, been moving forward in the fight against racism.

2) There will be a cap on non-EU immigration (not sure if this is a current proposal or just media suggestion), this group of non-EU immigrants have worked hard for this country for decades. They have worked hard as underground workers, cleaners, doctors, nurses, accountants and the government should treat them with respect because if they did all go back to their own countries, the UK would be in a terrible critical situation, so please have some respect!

3) It is totally unfair that non-EU immigrants will have to pay for healthcare as recently suggested- Non-EU immigrants have entered the UK over decades and provide the UK with a great service, it is only fair that they are treated fairly and looked after.

Why does this matter?

My idea is important, because David Cameron's recent suggestions may insight racism in people that are looking for scapegoats in a recession. It is always those of colour that are targeted by some rather ignorant people on the streets.

The huge pressure on the UK's resources may also be due to massive EU immigration, as non-EU immigration hasn't greatly increased in comparison. Maybe the UK should cap all immigration, both EU and non-EU.

Thank you!

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