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Treduce overseas students that do not practice in uk after qualifying

Comment 19th July 2010

As a registered qualified dental nurse  with 27 years working within the NHS ,i have seen many changes one of them being the amount of overseas students given places a dental schools ,it was inevitable we would be short of dental surgeons in this country as once all these students qualify they return to their country of origin, talking with them all the skills they have gained from a british universities and not putting back into the system that educated them.

all overseas dental students should be made to work within the NHS dental services for at least five years  be it general practice ,hospital or communiy dental services , 

this would alliviate a lot of our problems within the dental service that we as NHS dental professionals are having to deal with on  a day to day basis  

Why does this matter?

it would increase the number of practicing NHS dentists  within the uk therefore reducing the inequalities around the country of NHS acces to dental care

i would mean not having to take on more dental students just keep the ones  that qualify for a five year period,and have used all the resources, materials, lecture time that British tax payers have footed whilst at dental school

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