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Trial by jury. It shouldn’t be possible for a judge to dispense with using a jury.

Comment 1st July 2010

In the legal system we are getting various thin-edge-of-the-wedge changes. This is one of those. An apparently common sense adjustment which then can set a precedent, and from there, diminish legitimate civil rights for everybody.

Why does this matter?

Our legal system is superior to the Code Napolean. And by an accident of history is the basis for legal systems in many other countries. But Europe is determined that we change to their system of guilty until proved innocent, and over time there have been lots of little nudges in that direction, so that we become accustomed to Eupopean justice. When the final changes become apparent it will be too late to protest, and we will have no chance to retain our own system. The ground will be swept from under our feet by yet another fait accompli.

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