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Trivialising Health and Safety

Comment 3rd July 2010

Make it an offence or such to  use Health and Safety Laws (or peoples interpretation) as an excuse for not fulfilling an obligation or allowing people do to things. Recently I took a day off work to help push a wheelchair bound lady onboard a ferry but upon arrival and allegedly because of Health and Safety Laws, the company had to provide a member of staff to do it – I was not allowed and so had wasted my efforts. I later found out after being greatly inconvenienced the company had made it up. Also a shop selling dried flowers recently stated "Health and Safety say we can't have dried flowers anymore because they can catch fire" (well, so can paper and they had shelves full!!) Because people do this it trivialises health and safety laws which has been put in place for the good of the country and its people and is being used as an over zealous excuse. Please stop people doing this.

Why does this matter?

Because it infringes on peoples liberties and takes away the emphasis on why health and safety is fundamentally important.

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