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Tuition Fee for children in schools

Comment 30th July 2010

Dear Sirs

Could I may put an idea forward please that the children at school should pay tuition fee as little as £5 for start every month and an invoice will be issued to them.

Let’s say if there are about 500 kids in school that mean the amount of £2500 will be a big help for the school to full fill their needs, like repairs.

Thast £30000 a year and can do alot!

And its not a big amount for any parents to pay for their children at least they will be spending less money on their drinks and society will be a lot better place.

I don’t want to say too much I have many ideas but I leave this idea in you good hands.

Best wishes’


Why does this matter?


As this is my country and I want to see it grow and this is a way for government to help school to full fill their needs.


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