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Two part drivers’ licence

Comment 9th July 2010

I'd suggest removing the paper element of drivers licences.  Surely the DVLA has the wherewithall to maintain an electronic database of drivers details and if demerit points are to be added these can be done with the law enforcement body loodging the demerits with the DVLA.

The only apparent need currently for the paper version is for rental car companies.  They can simply ask if someone has demerit points and if the response is incorrect then presumably the insurance is invalid. Law enforcement agencies could be provided access, if they don't already have it, to the DVLA's database should someone be driving who should be disqualified.

This would remove the bureaucracy associated with people having to record the paper version's receipt, entering the details onto the form (there would still be a requirement for someone to enter the points onto the computer, acknowledged), posting the paper versions back etc etc.

Why does this matter?

It would remove needless government bureaucracy and reduce government costs.

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