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Two tier police system – The big society in practice

Comment 20th July 2010

I understand this isn't what this website is for, but I thought this idea was good enough it deserved the attention of someone in whitehall. Splitting the police into two branchs;

 A local police force where officers are each given a small office in their consituency and are only responsible for crime in that area, since they won't be expected to deal with drug raids/murders etc, they could be paid a more modest salary. The benifits of this local force is that they would get to know the local trouble makers and could easily identify them from a mug shot should they decide to go for the big time. These officers would be able to focus on local youths, burglary, they would become known in the area to the residents and would be much more approachable to the public. Feeding information on local drug dealers etc to the central branch. Also these officers would all use bicycles for their area.

A serious crime force, responsible for murders/drugs/terrorism all the most serious offences, that way they could focus their resources properly instead of trying to deal with everything at once. They would only be responsible for patroling the high security areas likly to be hot spots of serious crime. For example airports, high crime boroughs, highstreets. In the event more manpower was needed the local force officers could be called in.

Social services could also be tied into the local force, with a social worker in the same constituency, responsible only for her patch, it would allow the two departments to work synergistically.

Why does this matter?

I believe this is a perfect way to reduce crime, and give police respect in the community. If tied in with social services the benifits would be tremedous.

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